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About the Creators

With backgrounds from the opposite sides of the music industry, entrepreneurs Petter Trønsdal (Norway) and Christian Rodrigo (Denmark) wishes to use their experience to simplify how to manage live music. Petter played drums in the band Loga for ten years, and Christian has worked as a band manager, booking agent, concert promoter and also worked with his own two venues since 2007.

They wanted to make it easier to make contact, sign contracts and make payments across country borders. They founded the company Subsun AS and started their work with HQartist in 2016.

When Petter and Christian first started working on the platform it became obvious what bound them together in such a positive way. With different experiences from both sides of the music industry, they completed the circle. When you merge two different backgrounds, there will naturally be debates across numerous areas, like how best to work together and how to communicate effectively. Because of these debates, this has given them the unique opportunity of deciding how these two worlds should ultimately blend together.

HQartist is a management tool for the live music industry.Their purpose is to continuously strive to create better solutions for those who choose to entertain others.

Why HQartist

HQartist is a browser-based platform, designed as a tool for all aspects of the live music industry. Easing the process of booking, contracting, negotiating, exploring and finding venues and artist. The platform and its functionality is designed by people in the industry, to make sure it's user friendly and makes the administration of live entertainment transparent for all.


Petter Trønsdal

CEO & Co-founder


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Christian Rodrigo

COO & Co-founder


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