Manage your bookings with a few clicks and contract your shows without any paperwork. Organize all of your live music activities in a fast and secure way.

Easy Booking

Quickly set up contracts and manage the entire booking process. Safely sign legally binding documents online. With all info and details accessible at any time.

Use Your Own

Import your contracts, riders, and specific terms to create templates in a few simple steps.

Your Roster

Join as a booking agency or manager, and manage your roster and bookings from one place.

Work With
Multiple Artists

Work with more than one artist or band, and build a roster if you are an agency.


Payments are made automatically based on contract terms. Venues will report ticket sales after concerts, and the system will handle your payouts.

Find Gigs

Get more gigs by browsing through open time-slots in the “Find gigs” section. Contact venues and send them your offers.

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