Standard Plan

Perfect for small to medium artists, bookers, venues, promoters, agents & festivals

Licensed Plan

Perfect for medium to large artists, bookers, venues, promoters, agents & festivals

Unlimited users V V
Unlimited user groups V V
Completely Secured V V
Cross-border work V V
Contracts V V
Contract Templates V V
Automatic Payments V* X**
Explore V V
Chat V V
Calendar V V
Venue & Festival Planner V V
Venue & Festival Timeslots V V

* Non-licensed user groups pay 6.9 % of each contract to HQartist.

** Licensed user groups will not be charged anything per contract but on a monthly subscription. Contact sales to get licensed.

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"What do you do with the 4%?"
we hear you ask

Well, we're doing a lot. Besides the administrative expenses of running any business, we're very much focused on developing new features, maintaining the ones we already have, and supporting any queries you might have. If you feel that something is missing, please give us a heads up. If it's not already on the todo-list, it just might get there because of you.

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